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Say Goodbye to Boring Video Lectures...

Let Us Take Care of Your Branding

...which are highly optimized , super engaging and converts like fire in forest

Gain edge in Your E-learning business

Your competition knows this do you they use this to charge higher prices they use this to gain enormous credibility online even the ones not having certified qualifications.

Now you too can do that, by EVF which specializes in tech branding and video editing, gives you an unfair advantage over the rest of your competition.

E-learning industry has been booming

Coaching and E-learning industry has been booming as ever and is at its peak, but not all are earning the profits as much as the ones at top.

How are they charging more than us but still getting so many clients and students whereas we charge less than them and give intense education structure yet still we can’t seem to get many students or clients...

these are the questions that may be running in your mind.

It is because of Branding...

Let’s cut to the chase. Branding is the Key to Modern Day Success, Branding found in their Online Presence, Course Videos, Logo, Insta reels, YouTube shorts, etc., whereever they can be found on the internet.

Their online videos tend to get more views and more engagements so that it pushes to a new audience overall increasing their reach to many people and

Build tons of credibility ultimately resulting in more Enrollments and Conversions

They charge outrageously more...

Your Competition even charges higher, because their course videos are more engaging and more entertaining and seem more authentic due to their professional-looking videos.

Many Approched Us...

Many of the companies have approached us regarding this same issue, and increase their conversions by 3x fold...

All the clients who kept changing their agencies after many mishaps of not knowing branding, capturing brand voice, and their audience vibe with, those other agencies.

They finally approached us and became monthly clients.

“ No client ever left us.“

" I’ve searched for many agencies, shifting from one agency to another agency every month and finally found EVF. Someone who understands what I want, and who made my company’s videos and online presence incredibly aesthetic and I doubled my conversions from my video ads. "

-E. Agusthya

Unique Proven Framework.

EVF is named after elite video framework, which is a proprietary process of our video editing that is proven to drive results

This framework has been proven and perfected over the years and is now giving groundbreaking results to many of our clients, some famous names are Alex Harmozi, Physics Wallah, Jatan Shah, and many more.

Our clients businesses have skyrocketed in subscribers, basically doubled, and now are charging more for their courses and classes as their videos have been professional, edited, and are more engaging and also their conversions have been increased to an astounding 25%

Micro-Dopamine = Macro Engagement.

You are not getting enough conversions from your channel and you’re frustrated because of the love you count even after giving your best lectures, you wonder most of the time why isn’t my brand or channel getting recognized? The answer is simple this day and age. Every YouTube channel is packed with micro dopamine hits which keeps the audience, engaging and engagement is what pushes your channel and makes your channel grow.

Fastest Turnarounds for Better chances at Online Success.

Isn’t it frustrating to give the editing works to a video editor or an agency who doesn’t deliver on time? And still charge way too much yet. The quality is still substandard takes way too much time on your bulky projects like editing your whole video courses, etc..

And due to the above factors, you’re not getting enough engagement, and you are forced to price your products lower just to compete with the competition we get that.

Same... Exceptional Results!!!

in fact, these are all the complaints that our clients told to us when they had approached with their problems, complaining about their previous agencies. Most of our clients during these past years are the ones who recommended EVF to other people we did no marketing until now as we expand it at an exponential rate.

We want to provide you the "same exceptional service and results" that our other clients have experienced through a proven framework which has been perfected over the years.

Our Unique Video Editing Framework

This is what separates us from the other agencies, so might wanna pay attention to this section.

Experience the Seamless Workflow

From the moment you Onboard, you will be thoroughly enjoying our services as we understand your needs, more than you do... things such as capturing your voice, maintaining or creating your brand image that resonates with your audience and you, hitting your targets and goals of pumping out monthly content and the strategy to do it... and many such nuances.

Pro-Editing For Compelling Content

Your Raw footages sent by you will be thoroughly watched and edited by our Experts removing the Unnecessary Parts and focusing on giving the straight forward information to the consumer (the audience) in an engaging manner.

Your Audience get 'Dopamine Hit' down to every second!!!

You can count on us on the Editing Part as we make sure that each and every second, "YES" down to every second some or the other editing happens like slight nuances like minor cuts removing the "uhhs", "ahhs" and "umms", minor frame movement, or big ones like, Graphic Texts, Visual FX, B-Rolls, etc., is happening through out the video...

To make sure that the Audience Watches your Videos till the end as they get constant hit of dopamine. Thereby Increasing your Engagement rate, Which is Crucial for Channel/Account Growth.

Alluring High Quality Sound Design

for Authentic Branding

"Sound" the Most Crucial Element which sub-consciously tells your Audience whether your brand is authentic or not is often neglected by many... but not by EVF.

We Use High Quality paid Royalty Free music from sources like Epidemic Sounds, Splice, Envato elements, and Specifically assign a Person - the Music Producer - to sit down and assess each videos' music, sound FX and check if the audio is relevant, will it resonate with the brand and its audience & if the audio is clear, crisp & Mixed n' Mastered properly.

Secret Editing Framework What Makes You Get Your Results

We adapt to the videos' theme and mood, edit your videos using our unique comprehensive multi-layer editing techniques while maintaining your own style which your audience can relate to.

Tailored Text Animations

Your Audience Can Watch for Hours...

We have created our own templates of special animated graphics, text animations, familiar to the crowd to create a more engaging and retain their attention to your reels and video lectures for hours.

Innovative AI Integration for

Compelling Visual Effects!!!

You might be thinking about AI Art FX that has been recently popping off, unlike other agencies, we even integrate AI into our process of making Visual FX, Captions and even crazy AI transitions. What is it to you?

It means turning your Mundane Content to Exciting Visually Appealing Content, which is essential to your growth of channel.

Your "Woowwww... " is what we Crave!!!

You don’t have to worry twice as we are thorough in our checking your videos, and reviewing them for more than 5 to 10 times before submitting it to you for the first draft.

Micro-Dopamine = Macro Engagement.

When you are up for IVF first thing you will notice is our experience in this industry and how well we understand you and what you want more than you do.

You will experience a seamless workflow from the moment you on board from understanding your brand to the vibe you want a Portrait to your audience, making your rock footages into “content bombs” filled with bad information so that your audience gets the information at a faster rate and increases your reach

Micro-Dopamine = Macro Engagement.

Your audience gets a hit of dopamine every second even in boring videos, lecture as we edit, and make sure that there is a constant change of some, or the other thing to ensure the engagement of your audience.

All these features and benefits show our intricate process to get you the results you wanted for a long time, you don’t ever have to experience those late deliveries that unplanned strategy of luck, uploading not getting the conversions and engagement, and inconsistent branding those frustrations, and of not growing… never

Micro-Dopamine = Macro Engagement.

But you might experience a flaw with us, as we have a bad habit of delivering the product faster than you make your content for the month

" My channel grew from 1K to 25K in just two months thanks to EVF and they’re fast turnaround times I’m able to upload 2 to 3 videos per week and the strategic plan of uploading content thank you very much EVF . It would’ve taken me months or even years without you to start my ed tech company online."

- Abhinav.M

" I love their service so much and I recommended my PS who were in other industries to offer EVF if they seriously wanted to update came in that business and branding online or any video editing framework just go blindly with EVF, I told them"

- Dhanraj.T

They say that “ creativity is one of the last unfair advantage. We are legally allowed to take over our competition.”

And that’s exactly what you get from EVS of how to build your branding through videos and get a strategy to overcome your competition and charge more price for your products

IVF is the unfair advantage you have, to take over your competition.

How does it work?

Our process is really simple and minimal you come to meet with us discuss about your branding and your requirements. We create a group so you can get regular updates about the videos. Rigorous video editing goes on on our site. Values can spend more time on your content, business and extra time with your family

How does it work?

We send you the videos and read rate till you say wow

It has been said that the key to modern day success is person or a branch online presence

And you get that help from evf your video quality gets drastically improved increasing the engagement, Your thumbnails will get more clicks your branding gets improved resulting you increase convergence increased reach increase brand identity with the fastest turnover times

It has been said that

"the Key to modern-day success is person or a branch online presence"

We send you the videos and read rate till you say wow

And you get that help from evf your video quality gets drastically improved increasing the engagement, Your thumbnails will get more clicks your branding gets improved resulting you increase convergence increased reach increase brand identity with the fastest turnover times

You are just 1 call away

You are just one call away to take your online business of ed tech to the next level

EVF is focused on giving you results. Conversions views, improving your online branding, unlike other agencies who just wanna edit your videos and deliver and just get over-with it

This is why EVF maybe your best shot

This is why EVF maybe your best shot at gaining online presence and get getting results and surprisingly still not breaking your bank balance

Just book a free call and give us a try latest understand your situation and give you feedback and let’s check if we are the right fit for each other we are sure that you’ll get valuable insight from us even if you do not Opt us

After all a 15 minute call, might change your business forever if we end up compatible and if not, you still spent only 15 minutes and still received a lot of useful insights and the loopholes which you might have missed in your online business presence which is hindering your business




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